Holy Family Hospital - International

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The Order of Malta manages a maternity hospital in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Life in Bethlehem is not easy, not even from the very start. Thus, the Holy Family Hospital is favored by many mothers-to-be of the entire region, no matter what religion they are affiliated to. Most patients are poor and there is no working health insurance that would cover the costs. Nevertheless, the hospital provides perfect help especially for premature babies and it depends on donations to preserve this. Our movie narrates about the wondrous deeds that have been done so far with help of the donations and what challenges still need to be overcome. The entire staff of the hospital ensures that your support will be manifolded in favor of all the patients in need.

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Malteser Krankenhaus zur Heiligen Familie 

Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. 
Erna-Scheffler-Straße 2 
51103 Köln 

Telefon: 0221/9822-0 
Fax: 0221/9822-1499 

Email: malteser(at)malteser(dot)org  
Webseite: www.malteser-krankenhaus-bethlehem.de 


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